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Born to Be Blue

Production still for Born to be Blue courtesy of Entertainment One.

97 minutes – Drama, Biography
Canadian release date: March 11, 2016
Canadian distributor: Entertainment One

Trumpeter and jazz singer Chet Baker (Ethan Hawke)became an icon in the 1950s. As the film begins, it’s the late 1960s and Chet is playing himself in a film about his own life. He strikes up a passionate romance on and off the set with Jane (Carmen Ejogo), an actress playing one of his lovers, but when he’s brutally beaten in a parking lot after a gig, his future suddenly isn’t so bright. His mouth is so badly damaged that his musical career is derailed and as a consequence, the film is shelved. However, Jane stands by him and he becomes determined to regain his place among his peers — including his friend and collaborator Dizzy Gillespie (Kevin Hanchard), his rival Miles Davis (Kedar Brown) and his reticent producer (Callum Keith Rennie).

This is a Canada/United Kingdom co-production.
Production still and poster courtesy of Entertainment One

Born to be Blue



Robert Budreau
Leonard Farlinger
Jennifer Jonas
Jake Seal

Executive Producer:

Terry Bird
Gurpreet Chandhoke
Andrew Chang-Sang
D. Matt Geller
John Hills
Stefan Jacobs
Adam Moryto
William Santor

Associate Producer:

Shannon Fewster
Ryan Reaney


Robert Budreau


Robert Budreau


Steve Cosens


David Freeman


David Braid
Todor Kobakov (score)
Steve London

Production Designer:

Aidan Leroux

Art Director:

Joel Richardson
David LeBrun (Set Decoration)

Costume Designer:

Anne Dixon

Cast: Roles:

Ethan Hawke
Carmen Ejogo
Callum Keith Rennie
Tony Nappo
Stephen McHattie
Janet-Laine Green
Dan Lett
Natassia Halabi
Kevin Hanchard
Charles Officer
Tony Nardi
Katie Boland
Janine Theriault
Joe Condren
Sophia Walker
Jim Calarco
Eugene Clark
Michael Cleland
Joe Cobden
Jeremy Cormier
Michael Vincent Dagostino
Drew Davis
Megan Dawson
Mark Fraser
Barbara Eve Harris
Kevin Hoffman
Barbara Mamabolo
Evie Moores
Adam Moryto
Bruno Rocca
Kwasi Songui
Sandro Spaziani
Mattheiu Tossa
Tammy-Lynn Wilcox

Chet Baker
Jane / Elaine
Officer Reid
Danny Friedman
Dizzy Gillespie
Bowling Alley Dealer

Actor Dick
Real Elaine
Bowling Alley Manager
Harry Azuka
Jazz Bar patron
Actor Dick
Record Co. Executive
First AD
Bar Patron
Elsie Azuka
Record Executive
Wardrobe Headmistress
Record Executive
Italian Prison Guard
Jazz Drummer
Birdland Doorman