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100 minutes – Political Satire
Language: French
Festival release date: September 10, 2016 (TIFF)
Release date: 2016
Distributors: Entertainment One, Les Films Séville

There are echoes of real history in this astute political satire from the director of Sarah préfère la course. The plot centres on the fictional island nation of Besco located off Canada’s east coast, which almost overnight explodes across the global arena. When Besco’s natural resources are up for imminent exploitation, Emily VanCamp, playing the role of an American mediator, oversees negotiations between Besco’s president, Danielle Richard (Macha Grenon), and a Canadian government minister responsible for Canada’s investment in the struggling nation’s mining industry. Pays, in its original French title, or Boundaries was shot in Montréal, St. John’s and on Fogo Island.

Pays aka Boundaries, movie, poster,



Fanny-Laure Malo
Pierre Even
Marie-Claude Poulin
Barbara Doran

Line Producer:

Marie-Claude Beaulieu


Chloé Robichaud


Chloé Robichaud


Jessica Lee Gagné


Michel Arcand


Simon Bertrand

Production Designer:

Carolyne DeBellefeuille

Costume Designer:

Ginette Magny

Cast: Roles:

Macha Grenon
Emily VanCamp
Nathalie Doummar
Rémy Girard
Alexandre Landry
Serge Houde
Yves Jacques
Sophie Faucher
Micheline Lanctôt
Carlo Mestroni
Max Laferriere
Karl Werleman
Michael Rudder
Jules Philip
Benoît Dagenais
Jean-Guy Bouchard
John Sheehan

Danielle Richard
Emily Price
Félixe Nasser-Villeray
Paul Rivest
Vincent Pilon
Dustin Torpe
Francis Perreault
Christiane Doyon
Fortune Teller
Parliament Security
Security Agent
Claude Simon
President’s Driver
Éric Fontaine
Lobbyist Roc Biron
Canadian Security Agent