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Lynda Boyd

Lynda Boyd, actress,

B: January 28, 1965 in Vancouver, British Columbia

Lynda Boyd, pictured in the role of Rose Miller from the CBC series Republic of Doyle, appeared in 77 episodes between 2010 and 2014. Allan Hawco starred as the title character Jake Doyle.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Project A-Ko 2 (voice, VR-1987)
Project A-Ko 3 (voice, VR-1988)
Project A-Ko 4 (voice, VR-1989)

Project A-Ko Versus Battle 1 (voice, VR-1990)
Project A-Ko Versus Battle 2 (voice, VR-1990)
Ranma 1/2 (voice, 1991)
Double Double, Toil and Trouble (TV-1993)
Hakkenden shin sho (voice, 1993)
Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle (voice, 1993)
betrayal of Trust (TV-1994)
This Can’t Be Love (TV-1994)
Shadow of a Doubt (TV-1995)
Generation X (TV-1996)
Fatal Fury 2 (voice, VR-1996)
Volcano: Fire on the Mountain (TV-1997)
The Stepsister (TV-1997)
The Invader (1997)
Angels in the Endzone (TV-1997)
Nights Below Station Street (1997)
I Know What You Did (TV-1998)
Harvey (TV-1998)
Nobody Lives Forever (TV-1998)
Distrurbing Behavior (1998)
Silver Wolf (1998)
Sweetwater (TV-1999)
My Father’s Angel (1999)
The Sheldon Kennedy Story (1999)

Navigating the Heart (TV-2000)
Mission to Mars (2000)
The Inspectors 2: A Shred of Evidence (TV-2000)
The New Adventures of Spin and Marty:
Suspect Behavior (TV-2000)
Best in Show (2000)
The War Bride (2001)
Bones (2001)
Due East (TV-2002)
Leaving Metropolis (2002)
Beauty Shot (2002)
I Spy (2002)
Final Destination 2 (2003)
An Unexpected Love (TV-2003)
Pits (2003)
On Thin Ice (TV-2003)
The Goodbye Girl (TV-2004)
The Perfect Score (2004)
Whitecoats (aka Intern Academy, 2004)
An Unfinished Life (2005)
Reflection (2005)
Sandra Gets Dumped (2005)
Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (TV-2005)
She’s the Man (2006)
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)
Almost Heaven (2006)
In God’s Country (TV-2007)
Vice (2007)
Wildfires (TV-2007)
True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet (TV-2008)
Another Cinderella Story (2008)
Run Rabbit Run (2008)
The Brute (2008)
Slap Shot 3: The Junior League (VR-2008)
Rampage (2009)
Damage (2009)

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010
Plant Girl (2010, short)
The Client List (TV-2010)
Ramona and Beezus (2010
We Were Wolves (2014)
The Age of Adaline (2015)
Who is Hannah? (2015, short)
Harvest Moon (TV-2015)
The Christmas Note (TV-2015)
Those Damn Canadians (2015, short)
Dater’s Handbook (TV-2016)
Christmas in Evergreen (TV-2017)
Hopeless Romantic (2018)
SnowComing (TV-2019)
Playing With Fire (2019)

Broken Diamonds (2021)

TV Series – Cast:
The Littlest Pet Shop (voice, 1995)
Maison Ikkoku (voice, 1996)
Streetfighter: The Animated Series (voice, 1997)
Power Rangers in Space (1998)
Crow: The Stairway to Heaven (1998)
You, Me and the Kids (1998)

Bliss (2002)
The L Word (2004)
Beach Girls (2005, mini-series)
Falcon Beach (2006-2007)
Godiva’s (2006)
Sanctuary (2008-2009)
Canooks (aka Those Damn Canadians, 2008-2015)

Republic of Doyle (2010-2014)
Tin Star (2017-2019)
Hospital Show (2019, mini-series)
Virgin River (2019-2020)

Family Law (2021-)