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Breakfast with Scot


90 minutes – Drama
Release date: November 16, 2007
DVD Release date: March 18, 2008
Canadian distributor: Mongrel Media and Capri Releasing

Based on the book by Michael Downing and adapted by Sean Reycraft, in Breakfast with Scot we meet Eric (Tom Cavanagh), and Sam (Ben Shenkman). They’ve been in a gay relationship for four years. Eric is a former Maple Leaf hockey player turned sportscaster and Sam is a corporate lawyer. They live discreetly on a tree-lined street in Toronto. All this changes when they receive news that Sam`s brother Billy’s ex-girlfriend has died, leaving custody of her son Scot (Noah Bernett) to Billy. But adventure-seeking Billy is somewhere in South America, and that leaves Scot without a guardian. Scot, it turns out, is an excitable, pink preferring, ascot-wearing kind of girly boy. Reluctant to get involved in the first place, Sam and Eric find themselves in conflict as their household is thrown into confusion. Eric and Sam try to deal with the realities and expectations of their flamboyant charge and realize that he is much more “gay” than they are. Feelings change, however, as the pair is caught off-guard by this unique young character who is joyously and unashamedly himself. Through Scot, Eric and Sam discover what it truly means to be a family.

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Paul Brown


Laurie Lynd


Sean Reycraft


David Makin


Susan Shipton


Robert Carli

Cast: Roles:

Tom Cavanagh
Ben Shenkman
Noah Bernett
Jeananne Goosen
Megan Follows
Sheila McCarthy
Graham Greene
Colin Cunningham
Anna Silk
Benz Antoine
Shauna MacDonald
Cameron Ansell
Robin Brûlé
Fiona Reid
Dylan Everett
Billy Parrott
Kathryn Haggis
William Cuddy
Vanessa Thompson
Mark Forward
Alex Popovic
Travis Ferris
Edwina Renout
Adam Korson
Alexander Franks
Benjamin Morehead

Eric McNally
Sam Miller
Barbara Warren
Ms. Patterson
Bud Wilson
Greg Graham
Finn O’Brien
Ms. Paul
Mildred Monterossos
Ryan Burlington
Security Guard #2
Andrea Burlington

Snickering Businessman
Walter Wodlowski
George Jr.
Mrs. Morita
Joey Morita