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Breakthroughs This Weekend in TO


(June 13, 2017 – Toronto, ON) For the past 6 years, The Breakthroughs Film Festival has been working towards its vision of a film industry that recognizes and effectively represents the value women bring to filmmaking, by providing more clear opportunities for emerging women filmmakers to have their voices heard.

Their 2017 programme promises to be the most diverse to date, with films from 12 countries representing 5 continents.

New this year, Breakthroughs will screen the work of both New Generation (aged 18 – 30) women directors, as well as emerging women directors at any age. The severe under-representation of women in filmmaking is an important discussion in the media today, and supporting emerging filmmakers is key to raising awareness of the value women bring to the table.

“The festival continues to grow year after year,” said Breakthroughs’ Executive Director, Gabor Pertic, “so we’re thrilled to be able to showcase these 20 films as a small glimpse into the incredibly diverse talent we see from emerging filmmakers. We are in awe of these amazing storytellers and we continue to strive to be a platform that promotes female filmmakers both locally and internationally.”

Breakthroughs 2017 opens this Friday, June 16 at the Royal Cinema (608 College St.) at 7:30 pm. and continues on Saturday, June 17. Tickets cost $12 for one night or $20 for the two-night festival pass. Purchases can be made online or at the door – subject to availability.

This year’s lineup includes:

FRIDAY, JUNE 16 – beginning at 7:30pm

The Swimming Pool, Directed by: ROCÍO LLAMBÍ & MARIANA WINARZ (URUGUAY) rt: 11:00 minutes
Childhood is coming to an end: twelve-year-old Lina is growing up and her body is changing. She must start making decisions about her identity which will go against her mother’s wishes.

Catherine, Directed by: BRITT RAES (BELGIUM) rt: 11:51
Catherine loves animals but most of all her cat. As she grows up, she finds difficulty connecting with other people while never wanting to let go of the pets in her life.

Consenting Adults, Directed by: ALICE GRUIA (GERMANY) rt: 15:00
A couple trade back to back cutting remarks, shifting between sarcastic undertones and deeper malicious intent in this look at the subtext and frustrations within a relationship.

Bootleg, Directed by: REEM MORSI (EGYPT/CANADA) rt: 4:20
A Muslim woman is taken aside in airport security, only to reveal an unexpected hidden secret.

A Soviet-era fountain situated in a vast, open expanse in Krygyzstan proves to be a vital stopping point for the nomads within the area.

A False Sense of Security, Directed by: GRACE LYNN KUNG (CANADA) rt: 6:40
The relationship between two women on opposite sides of a security desk is embedded with a constant shift of power and manipulation

Lagoon, Directed by: MAYA LUSKI (AUSTRALIA) rt: 8:30
In a society where women are defined by their sexuality, the day Max gets her period marks the beginning of a change that will impact her for the rest of her life.

Pregnant Pause, Directed by: ALICE SEABRIGHT (UK) rt: 13:00
A woman in a long-term relationship has a moment of panic when taking a pregnancy test, bringing out a realization that she may not know exactly what she wants out of her life.

Adam, Directed by: EVELYN ROSS (US) rt: 2:27
Through inventive use of a Claymation, we see the origins of creation and land, bringing about the notion that “in the beginning of them, She created us”.

The National Garden, Directed by: SYNI PAPPA (GREECE) rt: 15:00
A young girl heads out in hopes of winning a Halloween costume contest dressed as a penguin. But when she loses to a Princess, she tries to sort out the truth behind the winning costume.

SATURDAY, JUNE 17 – beginning at 7:30pm:

Be Right Back, Directed by: LUCIE GUEST (CANADA) rt: 6:30 minutes
After an incredible first date, Riya and Eric spend five postcoital minutes apart in the name of UTI prevention.

Commodity City, Directed by: JESSICA KINGDON (US/CHINA) rt: 10:43
An observational portrait into the mundane and kaleidoscopic daily experience of those who work at the world’s largest wholesale consumer market; the Yiwu Markets in China.

Chandra, Directed by: ASMITA SHRISH & FATEME AHMADI (NEPAL) rt: 15:00
A young boy walks through earthquake-hit Kathmandu with his grandfather, to visit his mother and new-born sibling in hospital, unsure of what may be waiting for them once they arrive.

Fears, Directed by: NATA METLUKH (CANADA) rt: 2:08
Fears become physical animated manifestations and visible constant companions of their owners, challenging the lives of the people they surround.

Personal, Directed by: SONIA HADAD (IRAN) rt: 13:04
Your personal life seems exciting, but the earthquake will occur and reveal everything.
Urban Audio Spectrum, Directed by: MARINA SCHNIDER (GERMANY) rt: 3:43
In this experimental musical portrait, Berlin comes to life through audio and video manipulation, bringing a new way to see and hear the sounds of the city.

Semele, Directed by: MYRSINI ARISTIDOU (CYPRUS) rt: 13:00
Semele will do anything to spend some time with her long absent father. A school note becomes just the excuse for her to visit him at his workplace, where her presence highlights their fragile relationship.

Cave Small Cave Big, Directed by: JOELE WALINGA (CANADA) rt: 10:27
Conceptualized, written, and storyboarded for two five-year old children, this surrealist portrait brings to life the imaginations and creativity of young minds as they explore the concepts of possession and loss.

Fantassut, Directed by: FEDERICA FOGLIA (CANADA/GREECE) rt: 15:00
A glimpse into the lives of the 11,000 refugees who have been stranded for months in the Idomeni refugee camp on the Greek/Macedonian border.

A Night in Tokoriki, Directed by: ROXANA STROE (ROMANIA) rt: 19:00
Inside a Romanian nightclub, the music sets the tone for an 18th birthday party that proves to have more emotion and surprises as the night goes on.

The Breakthroughs Film Festival is the only festival in Canada devoted exclusively to short films directed by emerging women directors, showcasing films from any and every genre made by talented artists breaking through into the Canadian and worldwide film scene.

Click here for a link to the Breakthroughs Film Festival and also look for The Female Eye Film Festival, opening on June 20th.