96 minutes – Drama, Canadian History
Language: English
Release date: December 6, 2019
Production companies: Industry Pictures, Karma Film
Canadian distributor: levelFILM

Brotherhood is the retelling of a true story set in 1926. Eleven teenaged boys arrive at a summer camp on Balsam Lake in the Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario. The movie focuses on the lives of some of the characters before the camping trip. George Waller (Jake Manley) had an abusive father; Arthur Lambden, (Brendan Fletcher) had survived the front lines in World War I only to return home as a carrier of the Spanish flu virus that killed his own wife and child; two brothers, Will (Sam Ashe Arnold) and Jack (Gage Munroe), lost their father during World War One; and Leonard (Matthew Isen) whose father had drowned years before and who now had a fear of open water. Hoping Long Point Camp will be the adventure of their lives, they set off on a canoe trip late in the evening. A squall comes up and their 30-foot war canoe is capsized. Some drown immediately and those that survived spend the night in the frigid, dark lake waters clinging to the overturned canoe that is slowly sinking. The film flashes between scenes of the survivors struggling to ward off the freezing cold and fighting fatigue and their fears, with flashbacks to lively, happy camp scenes from earlier in the evening, the kind of thing camp councillors hope form a bond between the boys creating the brotherhood of the film’s title.

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Andrew Bronfman
Mehernaz Lentin
Anand Ramayya

Executive Producer:

Neishaw Ali
Michael Forsey
Charlie Pachter

Co-Executive Producer:

Richard Bell

Associate Producer:

Kelly Balon

Line Producer:

Allan Levine


Richard Bell


Richard Bell


Adam Swica


Sarah Peddie


William Rowson

Production Designer:

Lisbeth Morley

Costume Designer:

Ginger Martini

Cast: Roles:

Brendan Fehr
Brendan Fletcher
Jake Manley
Matthew Isen
Sam Ashe Arnold
Gage Munroe
Mike Taylor
Dylan Everett
Evan Marsh
Spencer MacPherson
Jon Ambrose
Perry Mucci
Daniel Gravelle
Braden Wright
Haig McGarry

Robert Butcher
Arthur Lambden
George Waller
Leonard O’Hara
Jack Wigington
Ray Allen
Oliver Mardall
Vernon Clarke
George Waller’s Dad
Sydney Manley
Frank Burkett
Gordon Heale