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B: 1885 in Toronto, Ontario
D: August 27, 1919 in West Camp, New York

Clifford Bruce born was a supporting cast member in American silent drama, westerns and film-serial’s, such as paying the role of the Gypsy Leader in Pearl White’s The Perils of Pauline for the Pathe Film Company in 1914 or in Theda Bara’s A Fool There Was at the Fox Film Company in 1915. His last film was Black Is White released in 1920, a year after he died in New York when he was 34-years-old.

Features & TV Movies:
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The Wheels of Fate (1913)
The Conscience Fund (1913)
The Perils of Pauline(1914)
The Rube (1914)
A Page from Yesterday (1914)
The Royal Box (1914)
When Rome Ruled (1914)
Princess Romanoff(1915)
Lady Audley`s Secret (1915)
From the Valley of the Missing (1915)
A Fool There Was (1915)
The Devil`s Daughter(1915)
A Woman`s Past (1915)
The Fourth Estate (1916)
The Devil At His Elbow (1916)
The Sin Woman (1917)
The Barricade (1917)
The Final Payment (1917)
Blue Jeans (1917)
The Racing Strain (1917)
The Winding Trail (1918)
A Weaver of Dreams(1918)
Beakers Ahead (1918)
Riders of the Night (1918)
Woman, Woman (1919)

Black is White (1920)

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