Terence Macartney-Filgate, director,

Terence Macartney-Filgate – Biography

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Walter Huston, actor,

Walter Huston – Biography

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Kate Nelligan, actress,

Kate Nelligan

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Sarah Polley, actress, producer,

Sarah Polley – Biography

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Phil Akin, actor,

Philip Akin – Biography

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Benz Antoine, actor

Benz Antoine – Biography

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Mpho Koaho, actor,

Mpho Koaho – Biography

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Ivan Reitman, film director,

Ivan Reitman – Biography

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Karen LeBlanc, actress,

Karen LeBlanc – Biography

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Roger Frappier, film producer,

Roger Frappier – Biography

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Douglas Fairbanks - Mary Pickford

Pickford-Fairbanks Studio

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Bill Vince, film producer,

William Vince – Biography

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Martha Henry

Martha Henry – Biography

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William Shatner, actor,

William Shatner – Biography

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Mark Day, actor,

Mark Day – Biography

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Oscar Peterson, image,

Oscar Peterson – Biography

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Ralph Lucas - Biography

Ralph Lucas – Biography

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Nicholas Lea, actor,

Nicholas Lea

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Nerene Virgin, actress,

Nerene Virgin – Biography

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Christopher Plummer, actor,

Christopher Plummer – Biography

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