Frances-Anne Solomon, director,

Frances-Anne Solomon

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Theodore Bezaire

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Sandra Sawatzky, director,

Sandra Sawatzky

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Megan Wennberg, director,

Megan Wennberg

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Aisling Chin-Yee, director, producer,

Aisling Chin-Yee

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Benoit Pilon, film director,

Benoit Pilon

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Norman Jewison

Norman Jewison – Biography

Learn more about Canadian film director Norman Jewison in this biography on the Canadian Movie Database.
Andrea Dorfman, director,

Andrea Dorfman

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Brandon Cronenberg, director,

Brandon Cronenberg

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Kevin Sullivan, producer,

Kevin Sullivan

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Robin Baker Leacock, director,

Robin Baker Leacock

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Lynne Stopkewich

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Matt Johnson, director,

Matt Johnson

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Sydney Newman, producer,

Sydney Newman

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Michael Dowse, film director,

Michael Dowse

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Dominique Cardona, film director,

Dominique Cardona

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Donald Winkler, film director,

Donald Winkler

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Sean Cisterna

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Laurie Colbert, director,

Laurie Colbert

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Honouring Indigenous Filmmakers - Day 5, image,

Honouring Indigenous Filmmakers – Day 5

Northernstars looks at the careers of Tom Jackson, Carmen Moore & Gerald Auger for National Indigenous History Month 2020.