Annie St-Pierre, film director,

Annie St-Pierre

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Adam Litovitz

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Pat Mills, director, actor,

Pat Mills

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Paul Haggis, screenwriter,

Paul Haggis

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Wil Zmak, screenwriter,

Wil Zmak

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Matthew Cope, screenwriter,

Matthew Cope

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Bill Boyle, screenwriter, producer,

Bill Boyle

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Louis Godbout, film director,

Louis Godbout

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Des Walsh, writer,

Des Walsh

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David Shamoon, screenwriter,

David F. Shamoon

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Robert Forsyth, screenwriter,

Robert Forsyth

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Take One Cover, Issue 27, image,

Robert Forsyth – An Interview

Robert Forsyth - is the Canadian Movie Database.
Keith Ross Leckie, screenwriter,

Keith Ross Leckie

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Keith Ross Leckie, screenwriter,

Keith Ross Leckie – Biography

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Leo Salkin

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Mordecai Richler

Mordecai Richler

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Douglas Coupland, screenwriter,

Douglas Coupland

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Dennis Foon, screenwriter,

Dennis Foon

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Marc Robitaille, screenwriter,

Marc Robitaille

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Suzette Couture, screenwriter,

Suzette Couture

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