Wendy Hill-Tout

Canadian producer-director Wendy Hill-Tout is on Northernstars.ca
Michelle Shephard, film director,

Michelle Shephard

Film Director Michelle Shephard is on Northernstars.ca
Marsha Greene, screenwriter, producer,

Marsha Greene

Canadian screenwriter-producer Marsha Greene is on Northernstars.ca

Charles Hall

Canadian screenwriter Charles Hall is on Northernstars.ca
Sybil Adelman, image, placeholder,

Sybil Adelman

Canadian screenwriter Sybil Adelman is on Northernstars.ca
Chandler Levack, film director,

Chandler Levack

Film director Chandler Levack is on Northernstars.ca

Emma Donoghue

Find writer and screenwriter Emma Donoghue on Northernstars.ca
Tanner Sawatzky,

Tanner Sawatzky

Find Canadian screenwriter Tanner Sawatzky on Northernstars.ca
Claude Lalonde, film director, screenwriter,

Claude Lalonde

Find Canadian writer-director Claude Lalonde on Northernstars.ca
Ken Scott, director, screenwriter,

Ken Scott

Find Canadian film director Ken Scott on Northernstars.ca
Paul Haggis, screenwriter, director,

Paul Haggis

Find Canadian screenwriter Paul Haggis on Northernstars.ca
Michèle Stephenson, film director,

Michèle Stephenson

Find film producer-director Michèle Stephenson on Northernstars.ca
Mordecai Richler, author, screenwriter,

Mordecai Richler

Find Canadian author and screenwriter Mordecai Richler on Northernstars.ca
Matt Silver, actor,

Matt Silver

Find Canadian actor Matt Silver on Northernstars.ca
Irene Lilienheim Angelico, filmmaker, documentarian,

Irene Angelico

Find Canadian documentary producer-director Irene Lilienheim Angelico on Northernstars,ca
Annie St-Pierre, film director,

Annie St-Pierre

Find Canadian writer-director-producer Annie St-Pierre on Northernstars.ca

Adam Litovitz

Find Canadian actor and screenwriter Adam Litovitz on Northernstars.ca
Pat Mills, director, actor,

Pat Mills

Find Canadian film director Pat Mills on Northernstars.ca
Wil Zmak, screenwriter,

Wil Zmak

Find Canadian producer-screenwriter Wil Zmak on Northernstars.ca
Matthew Cope, screenwriter,

Matthew Cope

Find Canadian screenwriter Matthew Cope on Northernstars.ca