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Tony Calabretta


B: April 2, 1961 in Montréal, Québec

Tony Calabretta is also an accomplished playright. His play, Damn Those Wedding Bells, in which he also acted, received very good reviews when it opened in Montréal.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Strip Search (1997)
Musketeers Forever (1998)
Fallen Knight (aka The Minion – 1998)
The Ghosts of Dickens’ Past (1998)
La déroute (aka Mr. Aiello – 1998)
The Witness Files (1999)
Beyond Mozambique (1999)
Waking the Dead (1999)
The Patty Duke Show: Still Rocking in Brooklyn Heights (TV-1999)
Bonanno: A Godfather`s Story (TV-1999)
The Collectors (1999)
Waking the Dead (1999)

2000 and None (2000)
Stardom (2000)
The Audrey Hepburn Story (TV-2000)
Beyond Mozambique (2000)
The Great Gatsby (TV-2000)
Heist (2001)
Snow in August (2001)
Protection (2001)
Chasing Holden (2001)
Federal Protection (2002)
The House on Turk Street (2002)
Au plus près du paradis (2002)
Obsessed (TV-2002)
Gleason (TV-2002)
Levity (2003)
Nightlight (TV-2003)
Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story (TV-2003)
Bad Apple (TV-2004)
A Year in the Death of Jack Richards (2004)
The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
The Wool Cap (TV-2004)
Lies and Deception (2005)
Maurice Richard (2005)
Banshee (TV-2006)
Blind Trust (TV-2007)
Le Piège américain (2008)
Punisher: War Zone (2009)

TV Series – Cast:
Omerta 3 (1999)

University (2001)
The Last Chapter: The War Continues (mini-series, 2003)
Ciao Bella (2003)
Temps dur (2004)
Les Invincibles (2005)
Indian Summer: The Oka Crisis (mini-series, 2006)