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B: in Coburg, Ontario

Camille Stopps played various roles including characters named Squash and Creepy Twin #2 in the series Guilt Free Zone. She is pictured in February 2020 just before the live read of a pilot for a series set in Nova Scotia. Another actor there was Aidan Devine. They had previously worked together on the 2018 feature 22 Chaser.

Stopps costars with Tim Rozon in the romantic comedy Beginners’s Luck It’s the story of a winning lottery ticket, two people from the opposite sides of the track who really shouldn’t be together, and both possessing a piece of the ticket that could change their lives – together or not.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Jane (2013, short)
Learning to Ride (2014)
Kaleidoscope Dreams (2014, short)
The Man Who Doesn’t Sleep (2016, short)
She Came Knocking (2017, short)
22 Chaser (2018)
Alive (2019)
Home in Time (2019, short)
Fuchsia (2019, short)
Charity (2019)

Bordello (2020)
Perpetual Motion (2020)
Beginner’s Luck (2020)

TV Series – Guest appearances:
The Strain (2014)
Reign (2014)
Killjoys (2015)
Murdoch Mysteries (2018)

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