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Canadian Filmmakers Focus on Isolation

Canadian Filmmakers Focus on Isolation

Canadian Filmmakers Focus on Isolation
by Staff

(May 12, 2020 – Toronto, ON) A group of acclaimed and esteemed Canadian filmmakers are participating in a capsule collection film project entitled Greetings from Isolation. Created by Canadian industry veteran Stacey Donen in the hopes of finding inspiration and enlightenment from our shared human experience of isolation under COVID-19, the project will include new and original works filmed while living in isolation from Anita Doron (The Breadwinner), John Greyson (Lilies), Richard Fung (Re:Orientations), Igor Drljaca (The Waiting Room), Sadaf Faroughi (Ava), Ann Marie Fleming (Window Horses), Nadia Litz (The People Garden), and André Turpin (Une crabe dans la tête) among others.

“A few weeks ago, I began my involuntary new life as an at-home kindergarten teacher with my 5 year-old Sophie, who incidentally thinks I am pretty boring,” said Stacey Donen. “With the few minutes of the day not building forts, struggling with origami, or watching Buster Keaton movies, I reached out to a group of my filmmaker friends to gauge their interest in participating in this project. What’s happening around us is unprecedented, momentous, and frankly hard to believe or understand. All around the world we find ourselves forcibly separated from one another. With our extraordinary new everyday routines, connecting with one another is more important than ever.”

There are 45 participating filmmakers from across the country creating films ranging from 2 to 5 minutes in length, across all genres, including fiction, documentary, essay, and video diary, with more filmmakers expected to come on board in the coming weeks. Each filmmaker will use their own phone or personal camera and anything else that is available to them in their living space, with no budget attached. Greetings from Isolation is operating with no funding attached. Should any revenue be generated in the future from the project, all proceeds will be donated to Food Banks Canada.

Participating filmmakers will be updated regularly and the collection of films is online now.