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B: July 20, 1950 in Fort McMurray, Alberta

Tantoo Cardinal has achieved the kind of recognition most actors only dream of. For example, Maclean’s magazine declared her Actress of the Year in 1991. In 1993 she was given the American Indian Film Festival best actress award. She also received the first Rudy Martin Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Native American in Film for her roles in Legends of the Fall, and The Education of Little Tree. Toronto Women in Film and Television honoured her with an Outstanding Achievement Award. And for her appearance on North of 60 she won a 1996 Gemini award for best performance by an actress in a guest role, dramatic series. In 2006, Tantoo Cardinal was honoured by the City of Edmonton by being added to their Dreamspeakers Walk of Honour during the 11th annual Dreamspeakers Film Festival. It was announced in November 2014 that Tantoo Cardinal would be honoured by ACTRA Toronto with an Award of Excellence in 2015. Cardinal plays the head of a casino in the series Stumptown, starring fellow Canadian Cobie Smulders.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

He Comes Without Calling (1975)
Marie-Anne (1978)

Death Hunt (1981)
New Day – New Horizon (1982)
Running Brave (1983)
Loyalties (1986)
Candy Mountain (1987)

Dances With Wolves (1990)
Black Robe (1991)
The Lightening Field (TV-1991)
Where The Rivers Flow North (1993)
Spirit Rider (TV-1993)
Silent Tongue (1993)
Mustard Bath (1993)
Sioux City (1994)
Legends of the Fall (1994)
Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee (TV-1994)
Tecumseh: The Last Warrior (TV-1995)
Grand Avenue (TV-1996)
Silence (1997)
The Education of Little Tree (1997)
Smoke Signals (1998)
In Jest (1999)
The Hi-Line (1999)

Navigating the Heart (TV-2000)
Postmark Paradise (2000)
Blood River (2000)
The Lost Child (TV-2000)
Dodson’s Journey (TV-2001)
Edge of Madness (2002)
A Thief of Time (TV-2004)
The Space Between All Things (2006)
Unnatural & Accidental (2006)
Road to Christmas (TV-2006)
Luna: Spirit of the Whale (TV-2007)
Older than America (2008)
Ancestor Eyes (2008)
Mom, Dad and Her (TV-2008)
Dear Prudence (TV-2008)
Mothers & Daughters (2008)
Water Under the Bridge (2009)

Fathers & Sons (2010)
From Above (2013)
Wind River (2017)
Angelique’s Isle (2018)
Through Black Spruce (2018)
The Grizzlies (2018)
Falls Around Her (2018)
Red Snow (2019)

The Corruption of Divine Providence (2020)
The Last Manhunt (2021)
Back Home Again (voice, 2021)
Killers of the Flower Moon (2022)

TV series – Cast:
By Way of the Stars (1992, mini-series)
North of 60 (1993)
Dr.Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993-1995)
500 Nations (voice, 1995)
Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery (voice, 1997, mini-series)
Big Bear (1998, mini-series)

Dreamkeeper (2003, mini-series)
Moccasin Flats (2003-2006)
Windy Acres (2004)
H20 (2004, mini-series)
Indian Summer: The Oka Crisis (2006, mini-series)
The Englishman’s Boy (2008, mini-series)

Blackstone (2012-2015)
Godless (2017, mini-series)
Stumptown (2019)

Black Robe, movie poster
Poster for the 1991 movie Black Robe courtesy of Alliance Films