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Caught, Allan Hawco, image,
Photo of Allan Hawco at the 2013 Canadian Screen Awards © 2013 by Ralph Lucas. Click to enlarge.

5 x 60 minutes – Drama, mini-series
Language: English
Originating network: CBC
First broadcast: 2018
Production Company: Take The Shot Productions

Locked up after a drug deal goes wrong, David Slaney (Allan Hawco) makes a daring break from a New Brunswick prison to attempt one more deal with his former partner (Eric Johnson) – all this with a dogmatic police officer, Patterson (Paul Gross), at his heels. It’s Slaney’s last chance at freedom – but in this tale of bravado and betrayal, nothing is what it seems and no one can be trusted. Caught is based on the novel by Lisa Moore.

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Executive Producer:

Alex Patrick
Peter Blackie
Rob Blackie
Perry Chafe
Allan Hawco
Ross Leslie
John Vatcher

Co-Executive Producer:

T.J. Scott


T.J. Scott
John Catcher


Julia Cohen
Allan Hawco
John Krizanc
Adriana Maggs


Philip Lanyon


James Patrick

Production Designer:

Gordon Barnes

Costume Designer:

Michael Ground

Cast: Roles:

Allan Hawco
Paul Gross
Eric Johnson
Enuka Okuma
Greg Bryk
Charlotte Sullivan
Billy MacLellan
Mike Dopud
Tori Anderson
Julian Black Antelope
Saul Rubinek
Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz
Victoria Pratt
Diego Fuentes
Chloe Rose
Roger Cross
Cali Erlichman
Pedro Salvin
Tamara Duarte
Kachina Dechert
Chris Young
Valerie Daniella Hernandez Oloffson

David Slaney
Roy Patterson
Brian Hearn
KC Williams
Cyril Carter
Jennifer Baker
Kyle O’Neill
Ward Avery
Tommy Gabriel
Andre Lefevre
Captain Ramirez
Doloris Patterson
Lt. Carillo
Rodd Murrin
Hugo Martinez
Laura – Ramírez’s Wife