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CDN Films at Hot Docs – Day 8


(May 4, 2017 Toronto, ON) There are only four days left at Hot Docs, the Canadian International Documentary Film Festival in its more formal appellation.

The day starts with the 2nd screening of Maison du Bonheur. It’s an exquisitely constructed film broken into 30 segments each revealing something about a retired and vibrant French astrologer. It is, according to one write-up, “an ode to the beauty of everyday life.” Maison du Bonheur is directed by Sofia Bohdanowicz and runs 64 minutes. It screens with the 10-minute Japanese short A Friendship in Tow/Toe. Maison du Bonheur screens at 10:15 this morning at the TIFF Bell Lightbox 2.

House of Z in the Hot Docs Singular Sensations program is directed by Sandy Chronopoulos and tells the story of Zac Posen, a fashion world wunderkind who rose to fame and success at the age of 21. But House of Z is also a cautionary tale of what can happen when PR machines speed too far ahead and reality catches up. As quickly as Zac became famous, he found himself on the receiving end of damaging gossip, bad reviews and dropping sales. The story of House of Z is told by a star-studded cast, including Puff Daddy, Naomi Campbell and Claire Danes. This is last screening of House of Z and you can see it at the TIFF Bell Lightbox 1 at 1:45PM.

Hot Docs, Rebels on Pointe,
Production still from the documentary Rebels on Pointe.

Rebels on Pointe gets its first of two screenings today. It’s in the Singular Sensations program. Director Bobbi Jo Hart whose first documentary was released in 1997. Rebels On Pointe is the first cinema verite film ever made about the notorious Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, the all male, drag ballet company founded in New York City in 1974 on the heels of the Stonewall riots… and who now have a cult following around the world. To prove that point this film follows the troupe as it makes its way from Japan to Canada and across Europe. In an interview on the website We Are Moving Stories, Bobbi Jo Hart said, “You should watch this film because it is a fascinating, funny and deeply touching story about people reaching for their dreams, braving the societal pressures of “the norm” to break through ceilings and embrace their identity and passion in life. Rebels on Pointe is at the TIFF Bell Lightbox at 6:0PM today. Its second screening is tomorrow at 12:30 at the Scotia 13.

The buzz about house prices in Toronto and Vancouver seems to have reached a constant dull roar in the media, which makes director Charles Wilkinson’s doc very timely. Titled Vancouver: No Fixed Address, this film is all about affordable housing in a market where house prices seem to rise on an hourly basis. The rich get to live there but thousands upon thousands face the reality that they have been priced out of the dream of ever owning their own home. Vancouver: No Fixed Address screens this evening at 8:45 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox 2.

Another selection from the Focus On Maya Gallus is the 75-minute documentary titled Erotica: A Journey into Female Sexuality. First released in 1997 this is the 20th anniversary of a film that boldly looks at the explicit and often outrageous erotic made by women. Gallus interviewed 10 women for this film including Phyllis Christopher, Jeanne de Berg, Fairy Butch, the ten young rapper Lique and RonniLyn Pustil to make this remarkable film. The interviews are intercut with scenes from some films, photography, readings and music to explore the “tension between the pleasures and dangers of representing women’s sexuality,” as Lynne Fernie wrote for Hot Docs. This is the only screening of Erotica: A Journey into Female Sexuality during Hot Docs and it’s on tonight at 9:15 at the Scotia 3.

Hot Docs, Shiners,
Production still from the documentary, Shiners.
The last Canadian film on today’s schedule is Shiners. It’s an intriguing and eye-opening look into putting your best foot forward thanks to the people who make sure your shoes look their best. It’s a delightful and uplifting story of people who have chosen to serve some special calling. People who are proud of their work and who often come from some surprising former occupations. Shiners screens with the US short He Who Dances on Wood. Shiners screens tonight at the Hart House Theatre at 9:30.

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