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98 minutes – Comedy
Release date: January 28, 2005
DVD release date: August 23, 2005
Canadian distributor: TVA Films

Hollywood’s most celebrated television child star, Taylor Brandon Burns (Mark Rendall), has just arrived in Toronto to star in a blockbuster action flick, The American Son. Best known for his role on a trashy sitcom, Family Differences, Brandon is accustomed to getting his own way all the time. Being only 12 years old, he is traveling with his mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Mom is a self-absorbed, flaky and deeply horny California crazy woman who has decided her son’s wants and needs come before hers, no matter how banal or time-consuming for those around her. Like they do for all stars, the movie’s producers hire a driver to make sure their precious investment travels safely and arrives on set on time. Rick Schiller (Don McKellar), happens to be an experimental filmmaker and gets the job of driver to Taylor and his mom. He also, rather quickly, becomes mom`s lover. The three of them settle into an almost normal routine of family-like behaviour, and Rick becomes more and more enmeshed into the world and life of Taylor Brandon Burns. In many ways Taylor is special, but he’s also just a normal teenaged boy who does normal teenager stuff. Like running away from his problems. Which also means disappearing from the movie set, and it becomes Rick’s duty to find him and get him back.

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Daniel Iron
Niv Fichman
Jennifer Jonas


Don McKellar


Michael Goldbach
Don McKellar


Andre Turpin


Reginald Harkema


Christopher Dedrick

Production Designer:

John Dondertman

Costume Designer:

Debra Hanson

Cast: Roles:

Mark Rendall
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Don McKellar
Kristin Adams
Brendan Fehr
Dave Foley
Gil Bellows
Noam Jenkins
Michael Murphy
Peter Paige
Eric Stoltz
Alan Thicke
Toby Proctor
Johnny Goltz
Nathan Stephenson
Tracy Wright
Allegra Fulton
Danielle Miller
Albert Howell
Bob Martin
Jeanie Calleja

Taylor Brandon Burns
Suzanne Burns
Rick Schiller
Chip Metzger
Philip Templeman
Syndey Metha
Reed Harrison
Fresno Burnbaum
Wade Keener
Lighting Guy
Mr. Budge
Jane – 3rd A.D.