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Chris Gallagher is a producer-director-cinematographer-editor-composer. He attended the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University and taught film at the University of Regina during the 1980s and at UBC for many years. He has been making films since 1972 and is best known for his experimental films Seeing in the Rain, Atmosphere, and Undivided Attention. His work examines philosophical paradoxes and contradictions by applying structural strategies to events as a means to reformulate linear experience to propose aberrant understandings of familiar assumptions.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Plastic Surgery (1975, short)
Atmosphere (1976, short)
Santa (1979, short)

The Nine O’Clock Gun (1980, short)
Seeing in the Rain (1981, short)
Terminal City (1982, short)
Mirage (1983, short)
Undivided Attention (1987)

Where is Memory (1992)

Time Being (2002)

Do As I Say Not As I Do (2010, short)
Euclid’s Gym (2010, short)
The Reals (2010, short)
Your Are Here (2010, short)
Thaw (2010, short)
It’s Only a Movie (2011, short)
Movie Still (2011, short)
From Here to There (2011, short)
Future Perfect (2012, short)
The I in Film (2012, short)
Silent Film (2012, short)
Iris (2013, short)
Dis Solve (2013, short)
Coping with Loss (2014, short)
From Time to Time (2014, short)
Optical Silence (2015, short)
Velocity Made Not Very Good (2015, short)
Water Falls (2016, short)
Jump the Gun (2017, short)