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Berton Churchill


B: December 9, 1876 in Toronto, Ontario
D: October 10, 1940 in New York, New York

Berton Churchill began his career on the stage in Canada but gravitated first to New York and Broadway and later to Hollywood and the movies when the movies were still silent. His stern manner and imposing stage presence allowed him to be virtually typecast as the overbearing father or loud, tough, boss. He was sometimes credited as Burton Churchill, in 1925 he co-founded the Masquers club and that led to him and five other actors creating the Screen Actors Guild in 1933, just one of many lasting contributions made by Canadians to the art, science and business of making movies. His best role came late in his career when he played the banker who makes off with the money in the 1939 John Ford classic western, Stagecoach, which costarred John Wayne in his breakout role and Claire Trevor. Berton Churchill died of uremic poisoning one year later.

The picture of Berton Churchill above was scanned and cropped from an original publicity still for the 1935 film A Night at the Ritz now in the Northernstars Collection.

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