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Citizen Duane

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85 minutes – Comedy
Language: English
Release date: November 16, 2007
DVD release date: February 5, 2008
Canadian Distributor: Maple Pictures

High schooler Duane Balfour (Douglas Smith) is an eighteen-year old Don Quixote in the tiny town of Ridgeburg. Born into a family with a legacy of spectacular failure, Duane has suffered one too many humiliations at the hands of the Milton Family throughout his life. When a devastating student election loss to his nemesis Chad Milton (Nicholas Carella) finally pushes him over the edge, Duane decides to take his crusade up to a whole new level and sets his sights squarely at the top of the Milton ladder. This time, he`s going after his father’s nemesis — Chad’s grandmother and the long-time incumbent mayor of Ridgeburg — Kelly Milton (Rosemary Dunsmore). “Candidate” Balfour launches an all-out war against City Hall. His goal is simple – topple Mayor Milton and bring down the whole system she and her family represent. Duane enlists his thirteen-year-old brother Maurie (Devon Bostick) as his campaign manager and turns to weird uncle Bingo (Donal Logue) to fund his his campaign. Along for the ride is Duane`s on-again, off-again girlfriend Molly (Jane McGregor) who knows how to handle Duane better than just about anybody else.

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Carolynne Bell
Susan Caven


Michael Mabbott


Jonathan Sobol
Robert Deleskie


Adam Swica


Michael Munn


Mike Shields

Cast: Roles:

Douglas Smith
Devon Bostick
Vivica A. Fox
Donal Logue
Alberta Watson
Jane McGregor
Nicholas Carella
Andrew Corry
Rosemary Dunsmore
Jessica Holmes
Tyler Hynes
Sam Jouppi
Kevin Jubinville
Daveed Louza
Christopher B. MacCabe
Robert Mauriell
Lisa Ng
Joe Pingue
Peter Stebbings
Richard Waugh
Eric Weinthal
Scott Wickware
Alex Woods
Matthew Peart
Rick Howland
Matt Boden
Chick Roberts

Duane Balfour
Maurie Balfour
Miss Houston
Bonnie Balfour
Molly Buckley
Chad Milton
Mayor Kelly Milton
Kim Vegas
Rebel Stoner
Nils VanDerBeer
Mort McQuillan
Cecil Balfour
Greasy Slickster
Julie the Intern
Vince Vaserelli
Jim Clapperton
City Clerk
Mr. McNeil
Todd Rico
Irate Pedestrian
Giant Foam Key Guy
Old Hayseed