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Here at Northernstars.ca we are constantly on the lookout for images to add to our Northernstars Collection. A few years ago we added a number of pages taken from the 1923 edition of the Hollywood Blue Book as well as some pages from the 1925 edition of Famous Film Folk. While we would prefer to acquire complete books, and don’t like to see any book destroyed, we’re happy to settle for the rare pages that do become available if it helps us further our aims in promoting both past and present Canadians in the movies.

The motion picture industry was still very new in 1923 but the fact that these publications existed shows that Hollywood had already recognized the value of publicity. Following is the complete text of the page devoted to Claire Adams, as well as an image of the original page, taken from the Hollywood Blue Book of the Screen:

“Greater than the fact that she is a capable actress was that of serving her country during the great World War. Claire Adams was born in Winnipeg, Canada, and there she received her education at a private school for girls. Later she was sent to a finishing school in England.

During her schooling, dramatics took most of her time, and success in amateur theatricals gave her the desire to continue her career. But when war was declared she put aside her dreams of a stage career and devoted her time to service.

Claire Adams,
This image was scanned from an original
source in the Northernstars Collection.
After the armistice was signed, Miss Adams planned to continue her dramatic training, but the lure of the silent drama brought her to California, where she made her debit on the screen in features.

That was in 1919. Her first picture experience was in a propaganda picture titled “The Spirit of the Red Cross.”

Miss Adams became a star of B.B.Hampton Productions and made a series of successful films.

For Goldwyn, Miss Adams played in “The Great Lover” and “The Penalty.”

Recently Miss Adams has been playing leads opposite prominent male stars, such as William Farnum, Herbert Rawlinson, Tom Mix and others.

With Mr. Mix she worked in the feature “Tony.” Mix declares that she is one of the best and most fearless horsewomen he has ever met.

Miss Adams is fond of all animals, but horses are her choice. She has a lovely singing voice.

She has brown eyes and black hair. Her height is five feet four inches and she weights 125 pounds. Her home is in Hollywood.”

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