115 minutes – Sci-Fi Drama
Festival release date: September 10, 2018 (TIFF)
Release date: November 30, 2018
Production company: Serendipity Point Films
Canadian distributor: D Films

Clara tells the story of Isaac Bruno (Patrick J. Adams), an astronomer with an obsession for searching the cosmos for signs of life beyond Earth, despite the collapse of his personal life right in front of him. His relentless research of the night sky leads him into the path of unqualified but confident young research assistant named Clara (American actress Troian Bellisario). Working together, their efforts ultimately leads Isaac to a shocking and profound scientific discovery. Ultimately a love story, in the writer-director’s own words, “CLARA isn’t about the search for life, it is about two lost people who find each other while searching for it.”

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Ari Lantos

Executive Producer:

Anant Singh

Co-Executive Producer:

Brian Cox

Line Producer:

Lori Fischburg


Akash Sherman


Akash Sherman


Nick Haight


Matt Lyon
Bethany Kaster (Assistant Editor)


Jonathon Kawchuk

Production Designer:

Chris Crane

Art Director:

Karis Malszecki

Costume Designer:

Kendra Terpenning

Cast: Roles:

Patrick J. Adams
Troian Bellisario
Will Bowes
Jennifer Dale
Ennis Esmer
Gabrielle Graham
Kristen Hager
Samuel A. Harding
Bethanie Ho
Dwight Ireland
Jillian Katsis
Pierre Simpson
Tammie Sutherland
R.H. Thomson
Kevin Hanchard

Dr. Isaac Bruno
Astrophysics Department Head
Dr. Charlie Durant
Cafe Server
Dr. Rebecca Jenkins
Classroom Student
Lab Student
CalTech Assistant
Classroom Student
Reporter #3
Reporter #1
Dr. Rickman
Hospital Doctor