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Closing the Ring


119 minutes – Drama
Release date: August 1, 2008
DVD Release date: January 27, 2009
Canadian distributor: Alliance Films

Closing the Ring is a Canada/U.K./U.S. co-production that was shot in Ireland and Canada, specifically in and around Toronto, and Dundas, Ontario. The story begins during the second World War. It is 1941, and in Kentucky the young, beautiful and somewhat wild Ethel is courted by three friends, Jack, Chuck and Teddy. But another man, Larry, becomes her sweetheart. When the three friends are sent to Europe to fight, Teddy wears a gold ring given to him by Ethel as her promise of eternal love. On their last night together, Teddy makes his friends swear that if anything should happen to him, one of them must look after Ethel. Choosing the ever reliable Chuck, Jack is crushed. When Teddy’s B-17 bomber crashes in Belfast, a young Irish boy named Michael Quinlan is witness to Teddy’s dying wish, to return the ring to Ethel and tell her she’s free to make her own choice. As the flames engulf the plane wreck, the frightened Quinlan is unable to snatch the ring in time and never speaks of the event again. Now, in 1991 that is, a teenager called Jimmy, caught up in Belfast’s civil war, meets Quinlan, now in his sixties, and they investigate the site of the B-17 crash. Jimmy finds the ring, inscribed with Ethel’s name, and when he is forced to escape from Ireland, he heads for America to track down the owner of the ring. Inspired by true events, this romance is about loss and closure, love and reconciliation, and the ability to find happiness when it seems all but gone.

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Sir Richard Attenborough
Jo Gilbert

Executive Producer:

Jeff Abberley
Graham Begg
Julia Blackman
Jamie Carmichael
Jason Garrett
Andrew Hildebrand
David Rogers
Patrice Theroux
Peter Woodward


Martin Katz

Line Producer:

Terence Clegg


Sir Richard Attenborough


Peter Woodward


Roger Pratt


Lesley Walker


Jeff Danna

Production Designer:

Tom McCullagh

Art Director:

Tom McCullagh
Mike Stallion (Supervising Art Director)

Costume Designer:

Hazel Webb-Crozier

Cast: Roles:

Shirley MacLaine
Christopher Plummer
Mischa Barton
Gregory Smith
Stephen Amell
Brenda Fricker
Martin McCann
Pete Postlethwaite
David Alpay
Layke Anderson
Neve Campbell
Stephen Don
Allan Hawco
John Kavanagh
Dylan Roberts

Young Ethel
Young Jack
Teddy Gordon
Grandma Reilly
Jimmy Reilly
Michael Quinlan
Army Corporal
RUC Officer
Peter Etty