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Bill Cody


B: January 5, 1891 in Manitoba
D: January 24 1948 in Santa Monica, California

According to some sources, William Joseph Cody, Jr. was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Because of his work in Westerns, some people think he must have been related to the famous William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody, but they were not related. Bill Cody, the actor, went to Saint Thomas Military Academy in Minneapolis and later attended St. Johns University in New York. After graduating, he became an actor with the Metropolitan Stock Company, which toured the U.S. and Canada. By 1922 he was in Hollywood and started work in the movies as a stuntman and eventually was cast in bit parts. He first worked in silent Westerns and essentially stayed in the genre throughout his working life, surviving the transition to talkies and well into the 1940s. Of note is the famous 1939 John Ford film, Stagecoach which costarred Berton Churchill. Bill Cody played an unnamed and uncredited rancher.