109 minutes – Crime drama
Language: French
Festival release date: December 4, 2021 – Whistler Film Festival
Release date: July 20, 2022 – Montréal, Québec
Production company: Christal Films
Canadian distributor: Les Films Opale

Confessions, aka Confessions of a Hitman, chronicles the life of one of the most prolific contract killers of our time. With twenty-eight murders and fifteen attacks, most of them senior members of the Hells Angels, the mafia and organized crime, Gérald Gallant (Luc Picard) astonishes and confuses. That is because he is also a police informant and does not hesitate to sell out those around him. How did this stuttering little man with fragile health and a modest IQ, living with his pious and generous wife in a neat house in the heart of a quiet neighborhood, manage to thwart the most hardened criminals as well as the police?

Luc Picard won the Borsos Competition Film award for Best Director at the Whistler Film Festival. Confessions received three Canadian Screen Award nominations at the 10th Canadian Screen Awards in 2022, for Best Supporting Actor (David La Haye), Best Adapted Screenplay (Sylvain Guy) and Best Hair (Denis Parent and Jean-Luc Lapierre)

Confessions, 2022 movie, poster,



Christian Larouche


Luc Picard


Sylvain Guy


François Dutil


Carmen-Mélanie Pépin


Daniel Bélanger

Cast: Roles:

Luc Picard
Éveline Gélinas
Emmanuel Charest
Bobby Beshro
Maxim Gaudette
David La Haye
Sandrine Bisson
Louise Portal
Catherine De Léan
Raymond Cloutier
Dany Boudreault
Jean-François Boudreau
Carlo Harrietha
Vincent Mertens

Gérald Gallant
Pauline Gallant
Sergent Claude St-Cyr
Réjean Deslauriers
Rodrigue ‘Rod’ Lemay
Donald ‘Dolly’ Lemaire
Jocelyne Lacroix
Jacinthe Gallant
Jacinthe Gallant
Germain Gallant
Marc Larose
Garde du corps à Mom Boucher
Ambulance Driver