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92 minutes – Romantic Comedy
Language: English
Release date: 1998
Production companies: Greenpoint Films, Heartland Motion Pictures, Shaftesbury Films
Canadian distributor: Behaviour Distribution

This British-Canadian co-production is set in the fading prairie town of Conquest, Saskatchewan (pop. 124), where we meet Pincer Bedier, who has moved back to the town of his birth to run the bank that the local farmers rely upon. He struggles to keep the town viable as most of the young people have moved away. One sunny day a young lady from the north of England (British actress Tara Fitzgerald) arrives in a bright red Alfa Romeo that promptly breaks down, forcing her to stay for repairs, which she can’t afford. Pincer sets out to seduce Daisy with the town as he imagines it. He recruits her to run the local hardware store in a trade for repairs to her sportscar. Her very presence begins to awaken the tired little town and, as if by magic, colours begin to return. The film is rarity in Canadian cinema – a love story told straight up with a charming touch of magic realism. It screened at the 1998 Montreal World Film Festival.

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Christina Jennings
Scott Garvie
Stephen Onda


Piers Haggard


Rob Forsyth


Gerald Packer


Ralph Brunjes


Ron Sures

Production Designer:

Hayden Griffin

Costume Designer:

Cathy McComb
Crystal Siemens

Cast: Roles:

Lothaire Bluteau
Tara Fitzgerald
Monique Mercure
David Fox
Eugene Lipinski
Daniel MacDonald
Quyen Hua
John Bourgeois
Susan Williamson
Chrisse Bornstein
Jean Freeman
Walter Willis
Gabriel Prendergast
Ian Black

Pincer Bedier
Daisy MacDonald
Grace Gallagher
Carl Gallagher
Glenn Boychuk
Erwin Boychuk
My Lang
Morley, Pincer’s Boss
Moving Man