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Continental, A Film Without Guns (2007)


Continental. A Film Without Guns (2007)

;Continental. A Film Without Guns, movie production still; Photo and poster © Chriistal Films

A man wakes up on a bus, which has stopped at the edge of a forest. Everyone has left and night has fallen. The man gets off the bus, and finds himself alone. On either side, the road is veiled by darkness. From the forest, he hears sounds – night-time forest sounds. After much hesitation, he enters the forest and disappears into the darkness. Released in French as Continental. Un film sans fusil, the film features four characters whose lives will be affected by that one man`s disappearance. Lucette (Marie-Ginette Guay) his wife, who anxiously awaits his return. Louis (Réal Bossé) a young father whose relationship with his wife is going through confusing times. Chantal (Fanny Mallette) a hotel receptionist who dreams of sharing her life with someone else. And Marcel (Gilbert Sicotte) an ex-gambler confronted by the realities of aging. Although told separately, these stories end up intersecting and mirroring each other. The film is a playful look at individual vulnerability and the fragile link that connects all of us to our fellow human beings. Continental. Un film sans fusil is the feature directorial debut of Stéphane Lafleur

103 minutes – Drama
Release date: November 9, 2007
Release date: April 22, 2008
Canadian distributor: Christal Films

;Continental. A Film Without Guns, movie poster;



Marie-Ginette Guay
Gilbert Sicotte
Réal Bossé
Fanny Mallette
Pauline Martin
Marie Brassard
Denis Houle
Gary Boudreault
Dominique Quesnel
Madeleine Peloquin

Luc Déry
Kim McCraw
Stéphane Lafleur
Stéphane Lafleur
Sara Mishara
Sophie Leblond
Hugo Lavoie
Stéphane Lafleur


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