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Coopers’ Camera


95 minutes – Comedy
Language: English
Release Date: November 27, 2009
Distributor: KInoSmith

It is 1985 and the YouTube generation isn’t even a glimmer in anyone’s eye. The height of home technology is the home video camera and recorder using large VHS tapes. Enter Gord Cooper (Jason Jones) who is thrilled with his Christmas purchase of a the brand-new camera he has given to his uncomfortably pregnant wife, Nancy, and their deeply broken kids (Nick McKinlay and Dylan Everett). Gord`s wife (Samantha Bee), seems strangely excited about having the camera and knowing her husband`s brother Tim (Peter Keleghan) will be there soon. As friends and family begin to appear, the holiday spirit takes liquid form and Cooper’s Camera becomes a window in a live confessional as various drunken rages and all manner of family secrets start spilling out. Shot in the style of an old VHS home movie, this caustic comedy is painfully funny to watch as its characters dig themselves into deeper and deeper holes.

Poster for the movie "Coopers' Camera"



Sean Buckley
Nicholas Tabarrok

Executive Producer:

John N. Kozman


Warren P. Sonoda


Mike Beaver
Jason Jones


Sammy Inayeh


Aden Bahadori
Warren P. Sonoda


Rob Deboer
Tony Grace

Cast: Roles:

Jason Jones
Samantha Bee
Mike Beaver
Dave Foley
Peter Keleghan
Dylan Everett
Nick McKinlay
Jayne Eastwood
Jennifer Baxter
Jenny Parsons
Hayley Lochner
Onyekachi Ejim
Jock McLeod
Steven Yaffee
Kate Campbell
Gage Munroe
Boyd Banks
Robert Tinkler

Gord Cooper
Nancy Cooper
Uncle Nick
Bill Davidson
Uncle Tim
Teddy Cooper
Marcus Cooper
Nana Gert
Aunt Bev
Aunt Joan
Baby Davidson
Sgt. Stevenson
Officer Malette