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Corner Gas (2004-2009)

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30-minute TV series – Comedy
Date of first broadcast: January 22, 2004
107 x 30 minutes (2004-2009)
Originating Network: CTV

Created by series star Brent Butt, Corner Gas takes its name from a roadside gas station in the fictional town of Dog River, Saskatchewan. It just so happens that it is the only gas station for 60kilometres in any direction. Brent Leroy (Brent Butt) is the proprietor of the station and Wanda Dollard (Nancy Robertson) works at the station’s convenience store as a retail assistant. An adjoining coffee shop, The Ruby, is owned by Lacey Burrows (Gabrielle Miller), who inherited it from her Aunt Ruby and moved to Dog River from Toronto. Brent’s parents, Oscar Leroy and Emma Leroy, are lifetime residents of Dog River. Oscar is always up to something, much to the dismay and embarrassment of his wife, Emma. Dog River`s police force, consisting of veteran Davis Quinton and rookie Karen Pelly, keep the peace in the small town, which proves a very simple task, and the officers have an overabundance of free time. Finally, Brent’s best friend Hank Yarbo, who is constantly unemployed, spends his time ‘hanging out’ with Dog River’s residents and basically making a fool of himself.

The show became an instant hit from its first week on the air in 2004 and maintained an audience of more than a million viewers for all 107 episodes of the series. It wrapped shooting the sixth and final season on September 20th, 2008. The series won six Gemini awards and was honoured by the Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, who proclamed April 13, 2009 — the day the series aired its last episode — as “Corner Gas Day” in Saskatchewan.

Image © CTV

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Mark Farrell

Executive Producer:

Brent Butt
David Storeu
Virginia Thompson

Associate Producer:

Becki Hui
Sarah Fedorchuk
Jacqui Swedberg
Kim Nakrieko

Supervising Producer:

Paul Mather
Kevin White

Line Producer:

Mark Reid


David Storey
Robert de Lint
Jeff Beesley
Don McCutcheon
Brent Butt
Mark Farrell
Trent Carlson
Rob W. King
Henry Sarwer-Foner
Wendy Hopkins


Brent Butt
Mark Farrell
David Storey
Paul Mather
Kevin White
Virginia Thompson
Andrew Carr
Norm Hiscock
Dylan Worts
Gary Pearson
Chris Finn
Rob Sheridan
Dylan Wertz


Kevin White


Bruce Lange
Jackie Dzuba
Daryl K. Davis
Jason Nielson
Vanda Schmockel


Rob Bryanton
Todd Bryanton
Tracy Gerlach

Production Designer:

Hugh Shankland

Art Director:

Sara Longfellow (Set Decoration)
Sara McCudden (Set Decoration)

Costume Designer:

Brenda Shenher
Mary Partridge-Raynor

Cast: Roles:

Brent Butt
Gabrielle Miller
Fred Ewanuick
Eric Peterson
Janet Wright
Lorne Cardinal
Tara Spencer-Nairn
Nancy Robertson
Jean Freeman
Mike O’Brien

Brent LeRoy
Lacey Burrows
Hank Yarbo
Oscar Leroy
Emma Leroy
Davis Quinton
Karen Pelly
Wanda Dollard
The Mayor’s Grandmother
Wes Humboldt