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Crazy Like a Lynx on APTN

Crazy Like a Lynx on APTN, image,
Dakota Ray Hebert and Don Kelly in a publicity image for the series Crazy Like a Lynx, courtesy of APTN.

Crazy Like a Lynx on APTN
by Staff

(May 6, 2020 – Ottawa, ON) InterINDigital has announced its new and original documentary series, Crazy Like a Lynx, will have its world premiere on APTN this Friday May 8 at 7 p.m. ET (Ojibway) and Thursday June 4 at 8:30 p.m. ET (English). This new 13 part 30-minute documentary series is a modern twist on the original award winning series Fish Out of Water.

Crazy Like a Lynx follows comedian Dakota Ray Hebert and CSA-nominated host and comedian Don Kelly (pictured above) as they travel across Canada and immerse themselves – often with self-deprecating humour – into the lives of Aboriginals who are accomplishing amazing things. It’s an intimate look at some of Canada’s most successful and interesting Aboriginal organizations, businesses, programs, and people as the co-hosts take on different tasks at places like successful native owned restaurants, catering companies, resorts, golf and casino clubs, commercial lobster fishing boats/ processing plants to dog grooming companies, construction firms, mining prospectors/contractors, fashion runway shows, native theatre groups, record companies, the airline industry as well as sport teams involved in hockey, female boxing and snowboarding.

“It’s a really wonderful documentary series that is both educational and entertaining,” said Katery Legault the series producer and co-writer. Legault is also the owner of InterINDigital, a 100% Aboriginal-owned Canadian television production company. “When you challenge two comedians to immerse themselves into the day-to-day lives of strangers, the results are always entertaining, but this show delivers more than laughs. It’s an opportunity for Canadians to see the incredible work that is being done across the country by Aboriginal businesses.”

Legault sentiments are echoed by Don Kelly. “This series was such a joy to make. Dakota and I met some of the most passionate, driven, and successful people and I think viewers will be fascinated to learn that many of their trusted brands all share one commonality: the Aboriginal ancestry of the visionaries at the heart of the businesses.”

Crazy Like a Lynx debuts this Friday May 8 on APTN.