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CSC Awards 2022

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CSC Awards 2022
by Staff Editors

(January 11, 2022) Cinematographers are a special breed. They have their own semi-secret language. They call tripods “sticks” and wax poetic about favourite “whiskey shots” or “arc shots.” They know the magic behind aperture settings, “Dutch” angles, CUs and VCUs. And that’s just the easy stuff. Films don’t get made without someone behind the camera and the Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) will honour their best later this year.

Entry forms are now available for the 2022 CSC Awards in 12 categories, ranging from Student film to Theatrical Feature, Documentary Short, Commercials, Music Video and seven others. This will be the 65th CSC Awards and submissions must be from the calendar year 2021

Entry forms for Cinematographers can be found online and the deadline for entries is January 31, 2022.

Click here to download a pdf entry form, with the rules and regulations on the back of each category form.