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Cynthia Belliveau


B: 1963 in Stratford, Ontario

Cynthia Belliveau grew up in the Kitchener/Waterloo area of Ontario and went to high school in Stratford before attending the University of Waterloo. Belliveau represented Kitchener/Waterloo in the 1980 Miss Teen Canada and 1983 Miss Canada Pageants. She played the role of Honey Bailey in the series, Wind at My Back. She quit acting and moved to the small town of Ojai California in 2004, in part because it reminded her of growing up in the then small town of Stratford, Ontario. In a 2016 interview with the Ventura County Star she said, “I had a 20-year acting career. I had a great time and worked constantly. But it got to the point it just wasn’t feeding me anymore. I didn’t feel passionate about it anymore. I really believe that you don’t want to carry things that you’re not passionate about anymore.”