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Dan for Mayor (2010)

;Dan for Mayor; Dan Phillips (Fred Ewaniuick) is an ordinary guy who works in an ordinary bar in the ordinary city of Wessex, Ontario. He’s had the same friends since grade school, his most prized possession is a vintage Ms. Pac Man game and his last serious relationship was with a girl who’s now engaged to someone else. Dan’s life seems to be firmly on the path to more of the same… until a chance comment puts him in the running to be mayor. Now Dan’s going to find out if he’s got the right stuff to grow up and face his responsibilities, his love life, and the challenges of running a city. The series charts Dan’s struggles against sneaky rival candidates, local politics, and his own immaturity. Supported by his best friend Jeff and his ex-girlfriend Claire, will Dan win? Will he get the girl? Will he grow up?

Debut: March 1, 2010
Network: CTV
13 x 30-minutes (2010)
13 x 30 minutes (2011)

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Executive Producers:



Director of Photography:

Main Cast

Fred Ewanuick
Paul Bates
Mary Ashton
Ben Ayres
Suzanne Coy
Agam Darshi
Maurie Murdoch
David Ferry
Lara Jean Chorostecki

Mark Farrell
Paul Mather
Kevin White
Susan Murdoch
Mark Farrell
Paul Mather
Kevin White
Ron Murphy
Brian Roberts
Paul Mather
Kevin White
Mark Farrell
Paul Mather
Kevin White
François Degenais

Anita Vargas