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Dans une Galaxie près de chez nous 2

Dans une Galaxie près de chez nous 2, movie, image,

100 minutes – Comedy
Language: French
Release date: April 18, 2008
DVD Release date: September 23, 2008
Canadian distributor: TVA Films

Convinced of the basic good of their mission (and also because they had nothing better to do that day), the crew of the spaceship Romano Fafard set out to explore new galaxies hoping to find a planet that will support life for the people of Earth. Unfortunately their exploration results in the loss of a probe forcing Captain Patenaude (Guy Jodoin) and his crew to descend to a planet to see if the probe can be retrieved. Naturally they are captured and brought to the Supreme Governor (Alexis Martin), who claims to know what happened to the probe. As this news is about to be revealed there’s a huge explosion on a nearby planet where the warlike Iraziens live. Patenaude and his crew learn that the probe is held by the Iraziens and so the comedy begins. Or, in this case, continues.

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Dans une Galaxie près de chez nous 2, movie, poster,



Diane England

Executive Producer:

Michel Bissonnette
André Larin
Vincent Leduc


Philippe Gagnon


Pierre Yves Bernard
Claude Legault


Steve Asselin


Isabelle Malenfant


Les Bruns

Cast: Roles:

Guy Jodoin
Claude Legault
Sylvie Moreau
Stéphane Crete
Didier Lucien
Mélanie Maynard
Réal Bossé
Alexis Martin
Louis-Philippe Danderault
Edith Cochrane
Pierre-François Legendre
André Lacoste
Salomé Corbo
Jacques Godin
Pierre Brassard
Jacques Moisan
Patrick Groulx
Maxime Le Flaguais

Capitain Charles Patenaude
Flavien Bouchard
Valence Leclerc
Brad Spitfire
Bob Dieudonné Marcellin
Petrolia Stanislavski
Supreme Governor
The Priestess
Spectre 4
Newsman 2
Archer 7