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The Dark Hours


80 minutes – Horror
Language: English
Release date: November 11, 2005
Canadian distributor: Capri Releasing

There’s a genre of horror fim that could be called “Isolated Cottage.” It’s been used so many times to great effect. In this case, the story begins with a Dr. Samantha Goodman. She works with violent sexual offenders and has the responsibility of monitoring their behavior, treating their illnesses, handling them with compassion, and ultimately passing judgment on their prospective release back into “normal” society. But Samantha herself is not well. She has just learned that a previously dormant brain tumor is active, and quickly spreading. She decides that she needs to get away from the pressure of her job and hopes to spend the weekend with her husband, David, at their isolated winter cottage. But David doesn’t know that the tumor has become terminal, and because he’s trying to finish writing a new book, he tries to talk her out of coming. But Samantha shows up anyway. Shortly after, an unexpected guest arrives. Unexpected is a bit of an understatement. Harlan Pyne was one of her patients. He’s convinced that Samantha conducted unethical experiments on him while she was his doctor. With the assistance of his troubled yet eager protégé, Adrian, Harlan forces Samantha and her family to participate in a series of nightmarish games – games tinged with psychological and physical torture that are designed to both deliver the truth and reap vengeance. On this night of terror, escape is not an option, truth guarantees nothing, and revenge will not – necessarily – be sweet.

The Dark Hours, movie poster



Brent Barclay


Paul Fox


Wil Zmak


Steve Cosens


Marlo Miazga


E.C. Woodley

Cast: Roles:

Kate Greenhouse
Aidan Devine
Gordon Currie
Iris Graham
Dov Tiefenbach
David Calderisi
Jeff Seymour
Trevor Hayes
Bruce McFee
Kathryn Haggis

Samantha Goodman
Harlan Pyne
David Goodman
Dr. Lew Lanigan
Donald Wegman