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Death and the Housewife


4:25 minutes

Once upon a time, Jane was a happy, single, vibrant woman. As she approached her forties her biological clock ran amok and she quickly married and shortly thereafter became a mom with two children. Now, her life is passioness and she has become a prisoner to life as a housewife. Naturally she cracks, and just as naturally her husband hopes to rescue her and buys tickets to treat the entire family to a musical performance. At the concert hall Jane`s children refuse to settle down and she feels even more desperate than usual. But as the lights dim and the quartet begins to play, somethng in the music illuminates her dormant soul. All of her troubles disappear as Jane is enveloped in the music and becomes completely enamored with the strikingly handsome cellist. It is but a fantasy, but can she make it last? Death and the Housewife won the Platinum Remi Award for Best Live Action Short at the 2009 Houston WorldFest Film Festival.



Michelle Daides
Leslie Ann Coles

Executive Producer:

Tom Strnad


Michelle Daides


Michelle Daides


Boris Mojsovski


Tom Strnad

Cast: Roles:

Leslie Ann Coles
Egidio Tari
Allison Cruise
Noah Ryan Scott
Teimour Sadykhov
Dorothy Pellerin
Gretchen Anner
Roufat Amiraliev

Musician – Cello
Musician – Viola
Musician – Violin I
Musician – Violin II