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Deluxe Combo Platter

Deluxe Combo Platter

102 minutes – Romantic comedy
Release date: October 31, 2004
DVD release date: February 21, 2006
Canadian Distributor: Equinoxe Films

If there is something vaguely familiar about this movie, think Cinderella. Set in Squamish, BC, the story is about one Eve Stuckley, played by US actor, Marla Sokoloff. Eve inherited the Hog Chow Diner and slaves away there with her aunt, Alma Kerns as played by Jennifer Tilly. Eve`s brother, Chuck, is one sugar-cube short of a double-double, but his best friend is the town hunk, and most eligible bachelor, Jeff Sweeney, played by US actor, Barry Watson. For years Eve has had a distant thing for Jeff who doesn’t quite notice those telling little love signs, or Eve. Although friends at the diner continue to urge her to approach Jeff, she’s a little down about her situation in general and her weight in particular. Then, on the hottest day of the year, a city slicker too beautiful to be real blows into town. She is Linda Avery and she draws the attention of all the men in town, particularly Jeff and his sidekick, Chuck. The guys are thrown for a loop when it is revealed this woman of the world takes a liking to plump and homely “servant girl” Eve. Aunt Alma (Jennifer Tilly playing what is, essentially the “Fairy Godmother” role) encourages Eve to use Linda’s obvious affection to win over Jeff. Well, that’s the plan. Ultimately, Jeff and Linda square off over Eve and the stage is set for matchmaking gone haywire as the town becomes ignited by a passion unlike it’s ever seen before and doors to closed hearts fling open everywhere in the most surprising ways. Released in the US as Love on the Side.

Deluxe Combo Platter, movie poster



Tina Pehme

Executive Producer:

Deanne Judson
Andrew Lanter
Vic Sarin


Kim Roberts

Associate Producer:

Scott Eldridge

Line Producer:

Patti Allen


Vic Sarin


Brigitte Talevski


Vic Sarin


Lenka Svab


Daryl Bennett

Production Designer:

Carmi Gallo

Art Director:

Sergio Lavilla (Set Decorator)

Costume Designer:

Sheila White

Cast: Roles:

Marla Sokoloff
Barry Watson
Monika Schnarre
Jennifer Tilly
Marnie Alton
Dave Thomas
Kee Chan
Jonathan Cherry
Aaron Grain
Matthew Safran
Frank C. Turner
Len Doncheff

Eve Stuckley
Jeff Sweeney
Linda Avery
Alma Kerns
Verline Owens
Chuck Stuckley
Chip Owens
Radio Announcer (voice)