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Le dernier continent (2007)


Le dernier continent (2007)

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For 430 days, a crew of scientists, sailors and filmmakers live on a schooner in the Antarctic to study the impact of global warming in this gloriously cinematic adventure, full of awe, joy and life-threatening danger. Gale-force winds threaten to dash the crew on the rocks in one of the most nail-biting scenes ever seen in a non-fiction film. Abnormally warm temperatures prevent the formation of the deep pack ice needed to stabilize the schooner and provide a birthing ground for seals. When desperately needed winter arrives at last, the camera goes overland to scenes of unbearable beauty and beneath the ice to a magical undersea world of never-before-photographed species. A marine biologist by training, Jean Lemire’s acclaimed 2006 feature The White Planet focused on the Arctic. The massive devastation from climate change he shows at this, the other polar extreme, is a powerful reminder of the fragility of our world.

105 minutes – Documentary
Release date: December 21, 2007
DVD release date: March 4 2008
Canadian distributor: Les films Seville

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