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B: January 25, 1989 in Toronto, Ontario

Marc Donato began acting at the age of four in a commercial for Fleecy. Soon after, he landed his first dramatic role as three-year-old Jack in the 1993 mini-series J.F.K.: Reckless Youth. The same year, he was hired as a voice actor on the animated series Tales from the Cryptkeeper. When he was just five, Donato played roles in two TV movies and two feature films, including Billy Madison in 1995. In 1996, he landed a regular role in the children`s series Flash Forward, playing five-year-old Tucker James. For his work in White Oleander (2002), he not only shared the screen with Michelle Pfeiffer and Alison Lohman, but won a 2003 Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actor. He next landed the starring role in The Blue Butterfly, playing Pete Carlton, a terminally ill boy who goes to Costa Rica with a well-known entomologist (William Hurt) to search for an elusive butterfly. Donato has also received Young Artist Awards for his work in the TV movies The Sweetest Gift (1998) and 1999`s Locked in Silence. for which he received a Daytime Emmy award nomination.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

The Killing Machine (1994)
Ultimate Betrayal (TV-1994)
Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O’Hara Story (TV-1994)
Billy Madison (1995)
Specimen (1996)
Double Jeopardy (TV-1996)
The Morrison Murders (TV-1996)
The Sweet Hereafter (1997)
The Sweetest Gift (TV-1998)
Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Couples (TV-1998)
Bone Daddy (1998)
A Boy`s Own Story (1998)
Locked in Silence (TV-1999)
A Map of the World (1999)
Dear America: Standing in the Light (TV-1999)
The Time Shifters (TV-1999)

Camera (2000)
Pay It Forward (2000)
Dangerous Child (TV-2001)
White Oleander (2002)
The Blue Butterfly (2002)
Miss Spider`s Sunny Patch Kids (voice, TV-2003)

The Final (2010)
A Mind of its Own (2010)
Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012)
Haunted High (TV-2012)
Code Red (VR-2012, short)
Sick Boy (2012)
MI5FIT5 (2014)
Bad Buddha (2014, short)

TV Series – Cast:
Tales from the Cryptkeeper (voice, 1993)
J.F.K.: reckless Youth (mini-series, 1993)
Flash Forward (1996)
Rescue Heroes (voice, 1999)
Redwall (voice, 1999)

Mattimeo: A Tale of Redwall (voice, 2000)
Animal Shelf (voice, 2000)
Degrassi: The Next Generation (2006-2009)
Future Is Wild (2007-2008)

TV Series – Guest appearances:
Tales from the Cryptkeeper (1993)
Due South (1994, 1995)
Side Effects (1995)
Noddy (1998)
Redwall (voice, 1999)
Rescue Heroes (1999)

Twice in a Lifetime (2001)
Mutant X (2001)
Real Kids, Real Adventures (2002)
Doc (2004)
Clubhouse (2004)
Avatar: The Last Airbender (voice, 2006, 2007)