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91 minutes – Thriller
Release date: June 2, 2017
Canadian distributor: Pacific Northwest Pictures

Neil is a cog in the wheel of America’s war on terror. A private drone operator, he spends his workdays flying covert missions for the CIA, returning home each day to a family life of suburban mediocrity. But Neil’s juggling act of husband, father and armchair warrior comes to a crashing halt when a whistle-blowing website reveals that he was at the controls of a number of deadly drone strikes. Believing Neil is responsible for the deaths of his wife and child, an enigmatic Pakistani businessman tracks him down and a harrowing confrontation takes place in Neil’s home. However, the blindside proves to be far more complex than a simple act of revenge.

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Sefton Fincham
Ken Frith

Executive Producer:

Emily Alden
Ian Birkett
Jason Bourque
Dean Buchanan
Kirk D’Amico
Kevin Forester
Lisa Gutberlet
Justin Jacobson
Ross Mrazek
Roger Patterson
Benjamin Rappaport
Mike Rowe
Levi Sheck


Matthew B. Schmidt

Associate Producer:

Adrian Duke
Jason Hujber
Mike Ritchie

Line Producer:

Robyn Wiener


Jason Bourque


Jason Bourque
Paul A. Birkett


Graham Talbot
Nelson Talbot


Asim Nuraney


Michael Neilson

Costume Designer:

Claudia Da Ponte

Cast: Roles:

Sean Bean
Patrick Sabongui
Mary McCormack
Joel David Moore
Maxwell Haynes
Viv Leacock
Sharon Taylor
Bradley Stryker
Kirby Morrow
Kevin O’Grady
Tommy Europe
Kamal Malik
Nilofar Gesawat
Mohsin Khan
John Emmet Tracy

Neil Wistin
Imir Shaw
Ellen Wistin
Shane Wistin
Agent Barker
Agent Jenkins
Ted Little
Dave Wistin
Team Leader
Abid’s Wife
Abid’s Son
Daniel Winters / FBI Spokesperson