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Due South (1994-1999)

Due South, tv series, image,
Gordon Pinsent, Leslie Nielsen, Paul Gross in a publicity still for Due South.

60 minutes – Crime, Comedy

Date of first broadcast: April 26, 1994
Originating Network: CTV

Production company: Alliance Communications

Canadian distributor: Alliance Atlantis

Created by screenwriter Paul Haggis, who also wrote or co-wrote all 67 episodes, Due South follows the adventures of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer Benton Fraser (Paul Gross), who is assigned to the Canadian consulate in Chicago initially to solve the murder of his father, Sergeant Robert ‘Bob’ Fraser (Gordon Pinsent). The ghost of his father becomes a regular character, only seen by his son, who often provides mixed advice on how to solve certain cases. Benton Fraser works alongside Chicago Police Department Detective Raymond Vecchio (David Marciano). Both are aided at times by Fraser’s deaf lip-reading half-wolf named Diefenbaker, or Dief for short. Largely shot in and around Toronto, Due South was the first Canadian-made series to have a prime time slot on a major US network, CBS. It originally ran from April 26, 1994 to March 14, 1999.

We list the main cast and recurring regulars who appeared in at least 10 episodes of the 67 episode series. Many Canadian actors who made made guest appearances in 1 or 2 episodes can be found on Northernstars.ca

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Frank Siracusa
Robert Wertheimer
Jeff King

Executive Producer:

Jeff King
Kathy Slevin
Paul Gross
Paul Haggis

Co-Executive Producer:

Jeff King
Kathy Slevin
Bob Carney


George Bloomfield
Dave Cole

Supervising Producer:

Jeff King
Peter Bray
Jean Desormeaux

Line Producer:

Frank Siracusa
Norman Denver
Adam Haight


George Bloomfield
Steve DiMarco
Richard J. Lewis
David Warry-Smith
Paul Lynch
Paul Haggis
Gilbert M. Shilton


Paul Haggis (67 episodes)
Jeff King
Kathy Slevin
David Shore
Paul Gross
John Krizanc
Bob Carney
Dave Cole
Peter Mohan
Frank Siracusa
Michael Teversham
Philip Bedard
Larry Lalonde
George F. Walker


Malcolm Cross
Milan Podsedly
Derick V. Underschultz
Ron Stannett
John Dyer


Eric Goddard
David B. Thompson
Peter Light
Tom Joerin
Stephen Lawrence
Paula Devonshire


Jay Semko (Main theme)
Jack Lenz
John McCarthy

Production Designer:

Harold Thrasher
Sandra Kybartas

Art Director:

Raymond Lorenz
Mario Mercuri
Armando Sgrignuoli
Jerri Thrasher (Set Decoration)
Steven Essam (Set Decoration)
Jeff Cutler (Set Decoration)

Costume Designer:

Suzette Daigle
Kei Yano
Sara Schilt
Alex Kavanagh

Cast: Roles:

Paul Gross
Beau Starr
Tony Craig
David Marciano
Catherine Bruhier
Gordon Pinsent
Camilla Scott
Ramona Milano
Daniel Kash
Callum Keith Rennie
Tom Melissis
Dean McDermott
Kevin Rushton
Jan Rubes
Lee Purcell
Alex Carter
Anne Marie DeLuise
Mark Melymick
Vito Rezza
Deborah Rennard
Lynne Deragon
Leslie Nielsen
Kenneth Welsh
Victor Ertmanis

Constable Benton Fraser
Lt. Harding Welsh
Jack Huey
Ray Vecchio
Elaine Besbriss
Sergeant Robert ‘Bob’ Fraser
Margaret Thatcher
Francesca Vecchio
Louis Gardino
Det. Stanley Raymond Kowalski
Thomas E. Dewey
Constable Turnbull
Dr. Mort Gustafson
Louise St. Laurent
Agent Ford
Stella Kowalski
Agent Deeter
Dr. Esther Pearson
Desk Sergeant
Sgt. Buck Frobisher
Randal K. Bolt
Staff Sgt. Meers