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Edge of Madness


99 minutes – Drama
Release date: February 2002

Edge of Madness began life as the short story A Wilderness Station by acclaimed Canadian writer Alice Munro. The concept of wilderness is enforced immediately as the story begins. It is 1853 and the action starts as a young woman stumbles into the remote town of Walley, Ontario. Almost half-mad after wandering through the wilderness for several days, the 18-year-old Annie claims to have murdered her husband, a 20-year-old pioneer. The young man who passes for a constable in this outback hamlet must try to determine who she is and what, if any, truth resides in her story. The actual story is revealed slowly, inside her flashbacks, as he interrogates her. While locked up in the local jail and under investigation, Annie gradually unravels her story as she remembers it, trying to determine her own role in what happened. This is a taut period mystery, literate and character-driven, authentic to its time but told in a contemporary cinematic fashion.



Bill Gray

Executive Producer:

Marie-Claude Beauchamp
Derek Mazur
Jacques Pettigrew
Charles K. Pitts


Anne Wheeler


Anne Wheeler
Charles K. Pitts


David Frazee


Robert Lower


Randolph Peters

Cast: Roles:

Brendan Fehr
Paul Johansson
Corey Sevier
Caroline Dhavernas
Jonas Chernick
Tantoo Cardinal
Currie Graham
Peter Wingfield
Frank Adamson
Nicole Bremault
Hilary Carroll
Terri Cherniak
Francis Damberger
Ruth De Graves
Wayne Nicklas
Jennifer Pelser
Anne Ross

Simon Herron
Henry Mullen
George Herron
Annie McKillop
William Sellor
Dr. Jenkins
Reverend Walter McBain
Jenny Treece
Matron La Roche
Mr. Treece
Nervous Woman
Mrs. Treece
Sadie Johnson