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Elephant Song (2014)


110 minutes – Drama
Release date: February 20, 2015
Canadian Distributor: Seville International
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When an psychiatrist, Dr. Lawrence (Colm Feore) goes missing from a hospital that has recently been plagued by scandal, Dr. Toby Greene (Bruce Greenwood) is called in to investigate before the news goes public. The last person to see Dr. Lawrence is a troubled patient named Michael. Convinced that Michael is hiding knowledge about his colleague — and in no rush to go home to his complicated personal life — Greene is determined to control both the situation and the patient, ignoring the advice from the one person who knows Michael best, Head Nurse Susan Peterson (Catherine Keener). Peterson understands all too well the devastating loss that still haunts Dr. Greene and warns him to steer clear of this particular patient – to no avail. Michael prattles on about elephants and opera (with the occasional hint of murder and foul play) and lures the hospital director into a devious trap. Dr Greene’s redemption will come at a hefty price.

Based on the book of the same title by Nicolas Billon, who wrote the screenplay, Elephant Song had its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10, 2014.

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Richard Goudreau
Lenny Jo Goudreau


Charles Binamé


Nicolas Billon


Pierre Gill


Dominique Fortin


Gaetan Gravel
Patrice Dubuc

Cast: Roles:

Bruce Greenwood
Xavier Dolan
Catherine Keener
Carrie-Anne Moss
Guy Nadon
Colm Feore
Gianna Corbisiero
Cindy Sampson
Larry Day
Melody Godin-Cormier
Marc Donker
Matt Holland
Erique Pérez Mesa
Ethan Bolduc
Germano Santana

Dr. Greene
Michael Aleen
Miss Peterson
Dr. Jones
Dr. Lawrence
Florence Da Costa
Sergent Taylor
Young Michael (5 years old)
Young Michael (7 years old)