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The End of Time (2012)


Peter Mettler talks about
The Making of The End of Time

Photo of Peter Mettler is copyright Northernstars.ca

The End of Time isn’t just visually enthralling, it tickles the mind with concepts and discussions we have all wrestled with in the wee hours of the morning when thoughts about the edge of the universe and the complicated concept of space-time rob us of our sleep. In The End of Time, Mettler travels the world to bring us visual examples of time at play. From slow-motion time-lapse cinematography to startling images of one of Hawaii`s big island volcanoes slowly building brand new land to the heart of darkness that the inner city of Detroit has become, this is a must-see documentary.

Peter Mettler sat down with Northernstars’ Publisher Ralph Lucas at Toronto`s trendy Gladstone Hotel to talk about the making of The End of Time.

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