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Evan Buliung is primarily a stage actor with extensive experience at Ontario’s Stratford Festival. In a review of their 2017 production of Guys and Dolls, the National Post’s Robert Cushman wrote, in part, “Evan Buliung is superb as Sky, restlessly prowling every room in which he finds himself, as if searching for the limits of his own impregnability.” The TV productions of King Lear (2015), The Adventures of Pericles (2016) and Romeo and Juliet (2018) were recorded versions of the plays and were shot on the Stratford stages. Buliung played the title role in The Adventures of Pericles. In 2006, he played Aragorn in the 2006 Mirvish stage presentation of The Lord of the Rings. Buliung will play Mr. Hobbie on the 10-episode series Holly Hobbie which is based on the American Greetings character first introduced in 1967. The series will begin airing in the fall of 2018.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Elizabeth Rex (TV-2004)

The Rink (2011, short)
Skating to New York (2013)
King Lear (2015)
The Adventures of Pericles (2016)
Romeo and Juliet (2018)

TV Series – Cast:
Holly Hobbie (2018-)

TV Series – Guest appearances:
The Best Years (2007)

Warehouse 13 (2012)
Nikita (2012)
Copper (2012)
Haven (2012)
Brainwashed (2013)
The Listener (2013)
Bitten (2014)
Reign (2014)
Saving Hope (2016)
Gangland Undercover (2016)
The Art of More 2016)
Damnation (2017)