Every Thing Will Be Fine


100 minutes – Drama
Language: English
Release date: December 11, 2015
Canadian distributor: Mongrel Media

A winter’s evening. A country road. It is snowing, visibility is poor. Out of nowhere, a sledge glides down a hill. Brakes are slammed on, the car comes to a halt. Silence. Tomas, a novelist, is not to blame for this tragic accident, neither is little Christopher who could have kept a closer eye on his brother, nor Kate, the mother of the two, who could have called the children in earlier. Afterwards, it is as if Tomas has fallen into a deep pit. The relationship with his girlfriend Sara collapses under this burden. He seeks refuge in his writing and tries to establish a family of his own with Ann and her daughter Mina. The film follows Tomas over twelve years in his attempt to give his life meaning again, just as much as it follows Kate and Christopher until the latter is 17 years old and finally decides to face the man he met only once before, on that fateful evening…

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Gian-Piero Ringel

Executive Producer:

Hussain Amarshi
Vince Jolivette
Erwin M. Schmidt
Jeremy Thomas


Jessica Ask
Maria Ekerhovd
Ronald Gilbert
Stephan Mallmann
Lars Leegaard Marøy
Christer Nilson
Mathieu Robinet
Oskar Söderlund

Associate Producer:

Katarina Krave
Tor Ole Rognaldsen

Line Producer:

Peter Hermann


Wim Wenders


Bjørn Olaf Johannessen


Benoît Debie


Toni Froschhammer


Alexandre Desplat

Production Designer:

Emmanuel Frechette

Art Director:

Sebastian Soukup

Costume Designer:

Sophie Lefebvre

Cast: Roles:

James Franco
Marie-Josée Croze
Rachel McAdams
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Jack Fulton
Céline Bonnier
Mary Harvey
Patrick Bauchau
Peter Stormare
Jessy Gagnon
Lilah Fitzgerald
Philippe Vanasse-Paquet
Jane Wheeler
Renaud Labelle
Robert Naylor
Julia Sarah Stone
Martin Sims
Alex Martel
Peter Miller
Wahiakeron Gilbert
Claude Chamberlain

Christopher – 5-8 Years Old
Social Worker Woma
Mina – 2 Years Old
Mina – 8 Years Old
Christopher – 12 Years Old
Woman in Park
Dark Haired Boy
Christopher – Teenager
Mina – 12-14 Years Old
Policeman #1
Policeman #2
Ice Fishing Man #1
Ice Fishing Man #2
Ice Fishing Man #3