I’d would like to contact (name of actor or director). Can you please give me their e-mail address?
Northernstars.ca receives e-mail requests like this almost every day. We also get regular mail addressed to various actors or directors. Please refer to our Privacy Policy. We cannot divulge any contact information. We cannot forward letters, postcards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, requests for autographs, scripts, screenplay ideas or anything else.Please note: We don’t always respond to e-mail requests. All regular mail is dropped back in the mail with a “return to sender” notice.
Why do you list actresses as actors?
Primarily for the same reason we have flight attendants and postal workers instead of stewardesses and mailmen. We think Whoopi Goldberg said it best when she commented, “As an actress all I can play are woman`s roles. But as an actor, I can play anybody or anything.”
Why don’t you have a page about (fill in the name)?
Northernstars.ca is an ongoing project. It is our hope that one day we will have every Canadian actor, director, screenwriter and film composer in our database, but this is Canada. One of the reasons we started this site – because there isn’t enough information about Canadians in the movies – is also the reason why our database is far from complete: There isn’t enough information about Canadians in the movies. We’re trying to change that. If you would like to suggest a name, click here.
I’m not sure about how you list things. Movies and made-for-TV movies are fairly obvious, but what do you include in the TV Series listings?
Thanks for asking. Our priority is to add as many actors, directors and compsers as we can. The research involved in that is often staggering. To track each individual episodic appearance by hundreds and hundreds or actors takes resources we don’t yet have. Directors are harder to keep track of in episodic television. Sometimes a series will have a different director for each episode and sometimes 1 director will carry an entire series. That`s why we usually credit directors of TV series with the caveat: “At least 1 episode of…”
Why don’t you list Alex Trebek?
We think Alex Trebek is terrific. And as a native of Sudbury, Ontario, you might think he belongs in our database, but….Northernstars.ca is about actors, directors, making movies and television shows. Although Alex is great at what he does, he doesn’t really “act.” He does perform and he sure is popular, but he isn’t really an actor. And Northernstars.ca is all about Canadian actors, directors, screenwriters and film composers. That`s also why we don’t list Morley Safer, for example. Or the late Peter Jennings. While they are superb television journalists and interviewers, they probably would be upset to be listed as actors. Both were born in Toronto, by the way. It`s also why we don’t list Peter Mansbridge, or Lloyd Robertson, or Wendy Mesley, or….