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Marianne Farley is fully bilingual and began he career with parts on shows for youth in both English and French like Big Wolf on Campus, Vampire High, Seriously Weird and Macaroni Tout Garni. Following this, she had a starring role in the feature thriller Daniel Roby’s La Peau Blanche. On U.S. television she played in Stephen King’s Dead Zone and had supporting roles in movies like Christmas Choir, Forbidden Secrets and No Brother of Mine. She costars as Anna in the 2013 film Uvanga, which was released in 2014.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Danny in the Sky (2000)
Gertrude téléphone maison (2004, short)
Huit (2004, short)
La peau blanche (2004)
Now That We Know (2006, short)
Loto 666 (2006, short)
Christmas Choir (2008)
Lucitité passagère (2009)

Snow and Ashes (2010)
Imaginaerum (2012)
Uvanga (2013)
Villeray (2014, short)

TV Series – Guest appearances:
Student Bodies (1998)
The Intruder (1999)

The Warden (2000)
Big Wolf on Campus (2001)
Macaroni tout garni (2001, 2002, 2003)
Vampire High (2001)
Undressed (2002)
Tribu.com (2002)
Seriously Weird (2002)
Forbidden Secrets (2005)
Quoi de neuf (2005)
Les invincibles (2006)
Nos étés (2006, 2007)
Dead Zone (2007)
Bienvenue aux dames (2009)
Le gentleman (2009)

Trauma (2010)
Les rescapés (2011)
Estelle (2013)
Le était une fois dans le trouble (2013)

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