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Fear of Dancing

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78 minutes – Documentary
Date of first broadcast: September 20, 2020
Production company: InSync Media, Tortuga Films, documentary Channel
Canadian distributor: documentary Channel

Fear of Dancing follows director Michael Allcock’s global quest to understand why he and so many others on this planet are terrified of dancing: what science calls chorophobia. Newly single and back on the dating scene, the filmmaker is forced to confront what makes a person bolt for the exits when the dance floor opens up. What triggers such a deep-seated reaction? Hilarious and heartbreaking, the search for answers reveals a rarely seen world rife with sex, spirituality, robots, virtual reality, and a deadly medieval epidemic. Along the way, Allcock meets celebrities, scientists and others who have taken extreme steps to overcome their chorophobia. In the end, Fear of Dancing attempts to make sense of what it means to be human through the simple act of dancing – or not.

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Adam Pajot Gendron
Lalita Krishna


Michael Allcock


Michael Allcock


Geoffroy Beauchemin


Dan Hawkes
Sylvain Bellemare (Sound Editor)
Valéry Dufort-Boucher (Sound Editor)
Francis Gauthier (Sound Editor)


The Barr Brothers

Cast: Roles:

Michael Allcock
Stephen Fry
Peter Lovatt