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Rockliffe Fellowes


B: March 17, 1883 in Ottawa, Ontario
D: January 28, 1950 in Los Angeles, California

Rockliffe Fellowes grew up and went to school in Ottawa and then attended Bishop’s Collegiate School in Lennoxville, Québec. He had an extremely strong career on stage and was one of the last of the more prominent actors to leave New York for Hollywood, where he decided to live. His first film, Regeneration, released in 1915, was the first full-length feature film directed by Raoul Walsh. Fellowes starred with Anna Q. Nilsson with a screenplay adapted by Carl Harbaugh and Walsh from the 1903 memoir My Mamie Rose, by Owen Frawley Kildare. It won him a large and immediate following. With the coming of sound in the late 1920s, his stage experience and strong voice allowed him to survive the transition from movies to talkies.